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About Longhorn Targets

made-in-usa.jpgLonghorn 3-D Archery Targets was established in 1990, and the process, specializing in the manufacture of long-lasting, realistic 3-D archery targets, was patented in 1993.

We purchased Longhorn Archery in 2005 and spent several months improving on an already great target by making the formula more user friendly. From the level of backyard shooters to high speed carbon shooters, the clubs are really liking them. They last, don't fade, and arrows pull easily. They are priced under all other quality 3-D targets, and they look great. As advertised, they are Simply the Best.

We are also a long time 3-D shooter and hunter. I have shot all other targets, so I know what needs to go into a target. I enjoy the sport and am driven to make the best targets to meet the needs of clubs, dealers and all other shooters.

Longhorn 3-D Archery Targets

Longhorn 3D & Broadhead Archery Targets, Simply the Best!

Longhorn Targets is changing the 3-D target industry!

  • Detailed targets look alive
  • Can be shot from two sides
  • PolyFoam self-sealing foam for superior durability

We have a wide range of 3-D archery targets

whitetail_in_woods_sm.jpg blackbear_in_woods_sm.jpg

The competition has followed our lead for years now, but for the longest lasting, most realistic, easy arrow pulling, most cost effective 3-D targets on the market, it's Longhorn's 3-D targets! Our web prices are lower than our retail prices.